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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2013 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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allocate 40% of that and through the program how the money trickles down to local jurisdictions. the fund and program has invested millions of dollars and funded local projects in san francisco and mclaren park and recently a grant for the visitation green valley development project and for buena vista park and we urged congress to provide funding so that was our main legislative initiatives. two others very quickly the national recreation park association is looking for a sponsor of a park infrastructure and finance act. the act is modeled after the transportation infrastructure finance and innovation act in place since 1998 and create a
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program for competitive loans and credit for the construction or cost of projects. this is a great way to leverage existing public funding or private funding to fill the gap. for example we have a funding gap for the sustainable nursery project in the botanical garden in golden gate golden gate park and this would be a mechanism to close that for that project, and finally we are advocating for the reconstruction and support of the community parks revitalization act and sponsored by kay hagan to carry out a revitalization program for the rehabilitation of critically needed parks and recreation areas and facilities and significantly the development of improved rec programs and purposes so this is a piece of legislation that would provide funding for urban park systems for capital and operating needs so those are three of the top
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legislative priorities and it was a good visit, both from the perspective of the opportunity to meet some of the federal agencies and partners to share with members of congress some of the great things this department is doing but also to meet our colleagues in other big city districts. i spent a lot of time with the new director of the washington park system and it's just interesting how the issues are very much the same in all big city park systems. tomorrow morning at 1030 rec and park and we will have a celebration of world water day at jefferson square. this makes the improvements that have taken place and save 5 million-gallons of water a year and with the grants which were intended to fund the retrofits through the
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innovative practices. this was achieved replacing antiquated systems and a lawn alternative. last month the california parks and recreation society gave the award for excellence to camp [inaudible] and for children on the agtism spectrum and make sure that kids of all abilities get out and play and i want to congratulate the staff who really created something spectacular and we get an email from a family everyday grateful for the opportunity for their child. registration for day care started and we have half of the capacity compared tolet
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increase of 40% last year and the slots by the water camp were filled and we actually had so much popularity on the first hours that we did get quite a few emails saying "we can't get into the system" and that because the system has a limited system to process them. we have silver tree and pine lake and lacrosse and art in the park and museum camps, the randall over night kaism for kids 10 to 12 and discovery camp and it's not too late to register so sign up today. recruitment has been begun with san francisco and
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the parks alliance. we are looking for kids in age group. teens upon work in the parks and open spaces and advance their leadership and gain valuable work experience and for more information call our office. i would now like to invite larry barry from san francisco youth works that wanted to make a quick presentation. larry, come on up. >> thank you commissioners and good morning. as he said i am larry barry. if you don't know we have an internship program 11 and 12 graders participating and that includes recreation and parks and i am here today to present an award to you for
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your contribution to our program. we have been able to provide 54 internships over the last year to kids in san francisco. we worked with a host of sites including the ones mentioned over the summer and pine lake and silver tree and douglas play ground and it's been a wonderful importance and wonderful opportunity. not only do the kids get the internship opportunity they get to see the public sector and what it means to serve the public so with that said i would like to present this award. it's an appreciation for all the work and support you have shown our program and we can continue this in the future. >> all right. thank you larry. [applause] >> thank you very much. >> next saturday march 30 rec
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and park department hosts our annual spring family event featuring games and carnival rides and barbecue competition between rec and park and san francisco fire. we welcome everyone out there next saturday. our mobile is up and running and we are bringing these services to the neighborhoods historically under served. and at the tenderloin center and we will moving to another areas and for our schedule you can visit our website. we were informed that the roads in mclaren park needed
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major improvements and not that we needed to be informed of that. anyone that spent time there it's apparent. the portion is own contact the -- this roadway is poorly designed and confusing to drivers for a variety of reasons. the lanes and speed limits change three times. there are no crosswalks at most intersections and no places to wait for buses. rec and park has been asked to address these and will require funding in october with sfmta support we applied for a grant, organization of bay area governments to fund the sidewalks, and other
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improvements. staff along with the community has been working on a concept design that is going to greatly improve this road and recreational space. one popular -- pedestrian and multiuse on the other side of the median. we're going to give it a road diet and move it from four lanes to two. if we secure the funding -- this is special
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presentation for me and i got to watch lonnie in action. last month during the early evening hours of february 22 there was a horrible senseless incident that occurred outside the recreation center and lonnie who is one of the leaders. he has been with the department since 2010 and was on scene when the incident happen and charge of a facility with about 80 people in it at the time there was a shooting that resulted in a horrible homicide. lonnie acted quickly and calmly to call 911. he notified his supervisors and lorraine and bob and i were on
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the seen and jackie battle was there and he had the presence of mind to escort 60 to 70 members of the public who were using the facility to a safe location away from the incident that occurred and if you think about this for a second there was a shooting but no one knew about the shooter was and it's times of crisis that you get a look at someone's character and i want to thank lonnie for his actions and calmness. he knew the item of the incident and he emotional issues to deal with while acting professionally and i am so proud of how you handled that evening lonnie and i wanted to thank you.
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[applause] >> good morning. my name is lonnie beard. i would like to say thank you commissioner, and me -- i of associated with park and rec for 20 years before i got with park and rec in 2010. the 20 years i was with park and rec and pel i was down in gill man for me to get with park and rec it was a blessing to give back to the kids so i want to say thank you again and i will continue to try to keep up the good work and give park and rec a good name. >> thank you very much. [applause] >> before we move to this month
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in parks i want to take a second to commend jackie battle and lorraine and bob. it's amazing when you see your folks in action when something bad happens and by the time i got there they were already there and spent quite a bit of time comforting staff and helping make sure the place was safe for everyone, and so it's times like these that you remember our staff on the ground are true heroes. >> maybe they could stand up and take a bow. [applause] >> all right. are you ready? this month in parks.
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>> we're glad you're going to be playing and to opening day and a great baseball season. we hope that you learn about the game and more importantly how to be good teammates to one another. >> don't stop thinking about tomorrow. don't stop. it will be here. it will be here better than before. yesterday's gone. yesterday's gone
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(fleetwood mac). don't stop thinking about tomorrow. >> happy new year everybody. i really love the fact that we're doing a tournament here. whether you go play college or in the nba or not we know that team sports are building skills for the future and i expect you will be leading us in the coming years because of the leadership skills you're learning here on the course. >> and that concludes the general manager's report. >> thank you. commissioner low. >> i'm still moved by the coach's plea at for the track
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at the last commission meeting and i want to follow up. where are we are at kaiser? >> we are supportive to figure out a strategy to replace the track. what we have been doing and we made the request in our capital fund submission, so there has been confusion about the true replacement cost would be and i asked our staff to refine the cost estimate for the track which we still think is around $2 million but when you do a project like that there are other considerations and we have been consulting with the mayor's office on disability and others and we hope to have a sharper estimate within a few weeks and we would forward to the commission and the mayor's office as well. >> thank you. >> does that conclude your report? >> yes. >> okay. so we do have two
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folks who wanted to speak on keysar now. you can come up now. mark and lorrainea. >> we do have an overhead. sfg tv will deal with it. >>i am mark christian son sitting for 24 years on the advisory committee. i have some pictures to show with regard to the condition of the track and one of the things -- this is an article that appeared on follow 28 in the chronicle that highlighted the significance of the replacement of the track. here are some pictures taken recently that show the condition of the track, the most severe area is at the start of the
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100-meter dash if you notice the area that is right there is actually 14-millimeters lower than the existing track. i will show you a picture of what it should look like very quickly. this is the new surface and this is the subsurface. that is 14-millimeters thick. then there is the subbase and the sub-base is asphalt and that's the asphalt that is now showing through. now that's the most severe area of the track. however if you look even at the areas along the inside lane it is approximately seven to 8-millimeters lower than it should be and water now sits in there. this track was put in 19
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91 and obviously needs replacement at this time so i am asking that perhaps the commission can have a resolution that goes forward to the mayor and that there is set aside capital budget request that has been in there since 2008 so we are requesting that you move this forward to the mayor and the committee to fund this at the earliest possible convenience. thank you. >> thank you. >> we're back and we will keep coming back until this track gets back on track. i am lena and chair of the stadium advisory committee. we have been dealing with this issue for a very long time and i know all of you want to maintain the facility. i know there's lots of team sports but running most people take it up they can do it the rest of their lives. they
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don't need to get six people to go on a run and it's important to foster that and it's a lifelong sport that people can do so i would like the commission to issue a resolution. i know you don't have power to get the money from the mayor's budget but it would show your commitment to thing youth of san francisco and maintaining a beautiful facility and that's the problem with san francisco we build these and don't maintain them. you can set that right by doing the track. >> thank you. >> anyone else that would like to make public comment under the general manager's report. seeing none public comment is closed. >> before you start on the next i just want to make a comment about that. i went out and walked the track and i guess what surprises me when i hear numbers like $2 million clearly the starting line is where the serious problem exists and
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before each the relay spots on each of the tracks as you go out and the inner track is most abused for all obvious reasons i would like to be educated if there are designs there can be incremental changes because much of the track doesn't seem to be severe but those that are make it impossible to make it a good track. i think it's in terrible shape givens those shots and i appreciate the comments from the public. i have to believe there is something shofert $2 million to make it a first class track and if it isn't i would like to be educated why not. thanks. >> excuse me. we are now are item four which is general public comment up to 15 minutes. at this time members of the public may address the
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commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission, and that do not appear on the agenda. with respect to agenda items your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. please as a note remember this is for 15 minutes only and as i said earlier we had general public comment continued on item 10 so if your name isn't called this time it will be calledlet second time so with that i will call speaker names. [calling speaker names] let's start there. >> good morning. i am fred calast. my wife and have lived in beacon street. we have a pretty good representation here this morning. we make up a
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clez neighborhood community. made our street comfortable and safe for 40 years. in the 70's he was the point man that saved billy goat hill. in 19ability drivers would do spinners up there so we helped the city approve and build a fence that is up there. my fence is abutted against the park above it. in 1981 i put out three fires from fire crackers and i will cut down the trees at the time that were abutted up against our house as long as you haul them away. we cut a deal. it worked. i planted ivy and have been taken care of that and we twim it
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once or twice a year. the neighborhood was threatened with speeding cars. many of us coordinated to make the streets safer. also a decade ago we were a saturday night hang out for teenagers drinking and smoking pot. we worked with different agencies to stop those parties and we filled the cap to help workers from rec and park and we sweep up the trimmings to prevent the plugging of suing lines. we are proud of our area and happy to work with many excellent rec and park workers over the years. in 2008 neighbors complained there were shovels on the street and the park right above it and someone had been using tools to carve a trail all the way up to the hill. dennis kern told us "we
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agree with you. this trail needs to be removed from our park land". rec and park crews tried a couple of times to discourage the use of trails and cutting tree lumps and on the trail and it got worse. debris was scattered and homeless were there and we reported the mess to the new manager and we was helpful and finally came word for a meeting for park users and indeed a statement from rec and park management. without a formal transparent process "i am looking forward to a open and community wide discussion how we can improve the trail" and why have a meeting if rec and park is opposed to our position. and
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that's what we recommend to you. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> [calling speaker names] if you could come up please. gene. >> gene. >> i'm little hard of hearing. >> and could you speak into the mic. >> oh okay. i am jean calling and a member of beacon street for 30 years or more. i oppose -- i am on the record of opposing any development of that unauthorized trail in the area at issue, and the reasons why i oppose is that as a volunteer in the natural areas program and a hiker and open space surveys i have seen a lot of erosion and damage when trails are not
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properly implemented. there are ways -- very simple ways that you can discourage people from using the trails, and i would like to see some more creative efforts made in discouraging any further development of a trail on an extremely steep area that has a beautiful forested canopy that would have to be completely destroyed in order to do a proper developed trail, so i'm not completely opposed to that. that's my main input. thank you. >> thank you. >> greetings commissioners. i am a native of san francisco and proud resident of beacon street for the past 42 years, and this
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issue a tronnishing enough has come back to haunt us. it has actually been resolved some years ago and now since we're revisiting it i stand here opposed to the vision of mr. ginsburg which is to develop this so called trail and his vision continues to say that it would connect -- interconnection with billy goat hill in this case and walter ross park. i am opposed to the development of such a concept and the development of the so-called trail. the so-called trail is a probably no wider than this, a foot and a half to 2 feet, and in our estimation it's been
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created in a fashion by someone at night that arbitrarily chosen this and by the way on a very steep incline. it's a relatively short area of country hill side and it does continue from the bottom at beacon street and all the way up to the park and it's makeshift. it's primitive. i wouldn't like to leave the impression it's a modified trail because frankly we don't see its usage. those of us that lived for years drive by their daily and we don't see anyone using the so-called , and so in terms of the uses that mr. ginsburg has proclaimed we contest that. we just don't see it, so at the bottom